A rejected Tiger Cub finds comfort in the embrace of his puppy friend, and the two…

Baby wild animals are unable to live in the wild unless they are cared for by their mothers. In case that they are abandoned by their mothers or herds, they will be forced to contend with thirst, hunger, and danger (from nature and humans). Some babies are able to wait until they get assistance, while others, who are in terrible health, are unable to.

Hunter the tiger cub, on the other hand, does not meet that fate. He was born in The Farm Inn Hotel, a wildlife refuge in Pretoria, South Africa, where he spent his first year of life. The newborn animal, on the other hand, was rejected by his mother just a few days after he was born. A hostile environment was created by his mother toward him. This is detrimental to the cub’s physical and mental health.

“We think Hunter was born at a period when the female was contaminated in some manner because she rejected him,” said Anthea Michaletos, a sanctuary worker.

Thankfully, Hunter is befriended by a lovely German Pointer dog called Chelsea. They become fast friends and develop an unbreakable friendship. The orphaned cub finds affection and solace in his canine companion.

Friendship occurs in a variety of forms. Hunter and Chelsea’s close bond exemplifies this point.

Chelsea is just 3 weeks older than Hunter. The two of them get along well with one another. They like spending time together, whether it’s for meals, sleeping, or playing. Wrestling is their favorite game, in which they push each other over and jump on. The tiger cub and the puppy had a great time playing together under the watch of the caregiver.

Chelsea never fails to visit Hunter’s cage in the mornings and welcome him with a smile on her face. When she is forced to part from her pal, the puppy feels depressed as a result.

Despite the fact that their relationship will likely come to an end in a few months when Hunter reaches the age of six months, the two are still the best of friends.

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A rejected Tiger Cub finds comfort in the embrace of his puppy friend, and the two…
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