Have these cats “trained” their humans to serve treats when the bell rings?

Ivan Pavlov’s renowned Pavlov’s Dog experiment, in which a human rings a bell and then feeds the dogs, causing the dogs’ conditioned reaction to salivate when the bell is rung, is well-known. Do you remember the experiment? It was discovered that it wasn’t the cats who had been conditioned to link food with the sound of a bell, but rather it was THEM who had been instructed to offer food anytime their cats rang the bells, as reported on Twitter by a Japanese Twitter user.

During the curiously entertaining film, a gray tabby and a bicolor cat are seen sitting side by side on a table, eagerly pawing at the bells on the table over and over again. The cats would be “rewarded” with a little goodie for each time they rang their bell. Within seconds, they had devoured their reward before continuing to ring the bell for further goodies until the bell rings a third time. Aren’t these four-legged friends clever?

A few seconds later, the amusing tabby boy even uses his friend’s bell to demand food for himself — what a naughty cat you have there.

The second cat, on the other hand, seems quite unconcerned about sharing the bell with his friend — as long as he is provided with goodies, of course. Look at how his eyes light up as he realizes that his meal is on its way!

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Have these cats “trained” their humans to serve treats when the bell rings?
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