A shelter cat won’t sleep unless his owner holds his paw…

Jamie, a 13-year-old Burmese cat, was surrendered to the shelter after his owner relocated to a nursing facility. Jamie was in terrible shape when he was turned over to the RSPCA Australia. He was maintained under particular medical care since he had cat flu and renal difficulties. Even after he had recovered his health, the staff was concerned about who might adopt him.

When a young lady named Sarah Dempsey adopted him one day while browsing for cats at the shelter, all of their anxieties disappeared. Sara told in an interview that when she first saw Jamie, he was sleeping quietly, but as she leaned down to look at him, he awoke. She also said that she was aware that he would take away her loneliness in exchange for a few pats.

Looking at him, she decided to adopt him and bring him home, and he hasn’t left her side since. Dempsey adds, “He loves to chat to me late at night and follows me around my flat.” Jamie’s finest quality is that he will not sleep until Sarah holds his paw.

“If I let go, he wakes up, meows, and scratches my hand back to him,” she explains. She thinks it’s the nicest thing in the world that they’re sleeping side by side, holding hands. “I believe we’ve already connected,” Sarah adds.

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