A man volunteers at a shelter and takes naps with the cats in order to…

Cats are absolute masters in the art of sleeping. They have the ability to sleep at any time, in any location, and under any circumstances. When they are sleeping, on the other hand, they are quite susceptible. Perhaps this is the reason why they prefer to sleep in a place or with someone they can rely on to keep them safe. So, what better way to assist out some shelter cats than to spend the nap time together?

Meet Terry Lauerman, a 75-year-old man who enjoys nothing more than napping with his kitties in the local shelter and who has captured the hearts of many on the internet. He visits Safe Haven Pet Shelter, a non-profit cat sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on a daily basis to provide care for his feline companions. He has been volunteering as a member of the shelter’s staff for the past six months.

He came to the shelter every day and stayed for almost 3 hours at a time to brush the cats and sleep with them, according to the shelter’s staff. The cats all take turns snuggling with him and snoozing with him whenever he is sleeping.

One day, the shelter’s employees decided to post his photos with the shelter’s gorgeous kitties on Facebook, and the photos rapidly went viral. People from all around the world began giving to the shelter in order for them to be able to continue their crucial work and aid the cute kitties.

It is your donations that allow shelters to continue to provide a safe haven for millions of unhappy animals. Please contact your local animal shelter for additional information, and remember to forward this information along to your friends and family members!

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A man volunteers at a shelter and takes naps with the cats in order to…
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