After his owner gave him up for a new couch, the cat becomes depressed…

Take a look at Tiger  Tim, a nice and affectionate cat, who is now residing at the New York City Animal Care and Control facility (ACC). His human father relinquished him to the shelter due to a new piece of furniture (a new couch to be exact).

Tim’s owner brought him to the center when he was a 3-month-old cat, according to ACC employees. The bizarre explanation is that the owner purchased a new sofa and Tim was no longer able to remain at his home. All of the employees were shocked, and it was unclear why the owner had to give up this wonderful kitten, and why the small kitty had to leave his house due to a sofa.


Tim was depressed at first, and he refused to eat for a couple of weeks. Instead of acting out of anger, he curled himself into a little ball of sadness. When his home and family were taken away, the gentle tabby was confused and grieved. They attempted to keep him alive by attempting to feed him.


Thankfully, Magnificat Cat Rescue has been caring for Tiger Tim with plenty of love and attention. Finally, they were able to place Tim in a caring foster family, where he was able to get back into shape — both mentally and physically.


Sadly, Tiger Tim crossed the Rainbow Bridge due of cancer not long thereafter. In his foster mother’s arms, Tiger Tim passed sweetly and peacefully. We truly admire you, and you have a special place in our hearts. Rest in peace, Tiger Tim!


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After his owner gave him up for a new couch, the cat becomes depressed…
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