Unwanted pregnant stray cat gives birth to eight kittens in an office meeting room…

Employees at a Shanghai company who are compassionate have gained a few cute new coworkers. Several employees of the design company Holmes & Marchant in China have recently become the proud owners of a mother cat and her gorgeous new brood of kittens.

After hearing the cat’s meows every time someone walked by, one of the office staff decided to bring her into the building to be with them. After a while, they realized that the animal was pregnant.

A few days later, the cat Boba gave birth to eight adorable kittens, all of whom were born in the meeting room, where they were raised by their mother.

There were four boys and four girls in the new litter, as well as five tabbies, two gingers, and one calico. It took the kittens two weeks to open their eyes for the first time, three weeks to learn to eat on their own, and a whole month to learn to use the litter box.

During the process of getting to know their new companions, according to employee Angela Sy, who photographed the experience, they first encountered the mother cat, who rubbed her face on anyone who paid attention to her. Yvonne, one of Boba’s coworkers, described it as if Boba was ‘begging for help for her babies and herself.’

The cats, on the other hand, will not be confined to the meeting room indefinitely.

In order for them to be able to have a life outside of the office, the idea is for them to be placed in forever homes, with Boba being rehomed with at least one of her children.

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Unwanted pregnant stray cat gives birth to eight kittens in an office meeting room…
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