Kittens found zipped up and dumped in a freezer bag…

A zipped-up freezer bag containing three small kittens was found outside the BC SPCA, and the kittens are just fortunate to be alive.

According to the charity, it is not uncommon for workers to discover contributions of blankets and food outside the shelter’s door when they come in the morning since individuals often drop off gifts of blankets and food after hours.

This, on the other hand, was different.

“As the sack was being lifted, the slightest of mews could be heard coming from inside. According to a Facebook post, “staff unzipped the bag just a bit to make sure air was going in, then hurried inside to open the bag in a safe manner.”

“When the bag was opened further, a blast of hot air was released, and it became evident that the three young kittens, which were at most 6 weeks old, might have easily died,” says the investigator.

The kittens were terrified and sluggish, yet they managed to survive the experience.

This is how it went on: “Clearly shocked up and taken aback by their new surroundings, these beauties were timid and unwilling to come out of the freezer bag they had been locked in for an unknown period of time.”

They were saved by the fact that just a little amount of oxygen made its way in through the tight zipper. However, this was an extremely hazardous and avoidable situation.”

Despite the fact that abandoning animals is against the law, the SPCA claims that the surrender fee it collects is voluntary in order to make it simple and accessible for people to surrender their pets to an animal shelter.

Every dollar donated up to $12,000 will be doubled by the charity, which is making a plea for contributions this Sunday.

It is only because of people like you that these little kittens were able to survive. “These little kittens survived because people like you care and believe in their hearts that no animal — let alone defenseless kittens — should ever be left alone without access to food, water, shelter, safety, and love.”

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