After an adventurous and expensive journey, a Brisbane cat returns home from the US…

Ms. Hayter is a woman from Brisbane who was on an eight-month work secondment in Texas when the coronavirus pandemic immobilized the United States last year, during which she lost her job. The Australian Prime Minister then proclaimed that all citizens of Australia who were living in foreign nations were required to return home. Unfortunately, planes were being canceled at a rapid pace, and Ms. Hayter was able to secure a seat on the final available flight. The things she had to leave behind included her cat Indigo, whom she had to say goodbye to.

His vet work and proper documents were required before she was able to take him home. She sobbed, and she was unsure whether she would ever see the cat again. She was, on the other hand, determined to bring the cat home at any cost.

Indigo’s return to her home country began with a two-month stay in Houston, Texas. She was then transported to Dallas, where she was loaded onto a plane bound for Los Angeles. Indigo then embarked on a 6-day journey to Melbourne, where she was quarantined for two weeks. After that, she finally made it to Brisbane, where she was reunited with Ms. Hayter, who was pleased to see her.

It goes without saying that the adventuresome journey was not inexpensive. All of the transfers, flights, and vet work added up to more than $15,000 for Ms. Hayter, which is an absurd amount to spend on pets. However, it is a price that many pet owners are willing to pay in order to be reunited with their pets.

We hope that they will be able to spend the rest of their lives together.

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After an adventurous and expensive journey, a Brisbane cat returns home from the US…
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