This cat lost his both front legs because of…

Despite the fact that the cat only has two legs, he is capable of more than you would expect. He may be without his front legs, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his greatest life to yet.

“The first time I met Able, I felt a surge of energy and motivation to go on with my life,” Able’s owner said. “I felt like I could take on the world.”

And his story is undoubtedly motivational.

When Able was just one year old, he was up on the roof, attempting to capture a bird, as most cats like doing. On the contrary, he was electrocuted and almost killed after unintentionally falling on a loose wire. As a consequence, he was forced to give up his tail and front legs.

Able was rescued by Walai. She saved him from a life of misery as a handicapped cat on the streets of Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, where he had been abandoned.

Able struggled to walk for a long period after the surgery, first relying on his forehead to support himself while walking. In any case, he’s back to his old tricks, scampering around and leaping from branch to branch.

Able is no longer able to capture birds, but he still enjoys observing them from the comfort of his own home.

He has a younger sister called Fin Fin who is unable to use her hind legs, and the two of them are inseparable!

Because Able understands how to enjoy life to the fullest, it’s easy to forget he’s handicapped when you look at him.

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This cat lost his both front legs because of…
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