This cat is a mother of four squirrels…

This is really incredible!  Four orphaned young squirrels have been “adopted” by a cat named Pusha, who is rearing them as her own with her new kittens in the Crimean Republic of Dnieper.

It was estimated that the young squirrels were only approximately four weeks old when they were brought into the zoo and that their eyes were only barely open at the time. At first, they were a little frightened of Pusha, the mother cat, since she was a little too large for them; but, with Pusha’s loving care, the infants soon became used to her presence, and even began to look at her with interest. Crawl around and play with the creature’s teeth!

The young squirrels have grown stronger and stronger as a result of Pusha’s efforts, and the adorable connection between them and the cat mother has garnered many international media stories, causing it to become widely known across the globe in an instant.

‘It took some time for the animals to become accustomed to each other,’ said Olga Fadeeva, the park’s keeper, who works at the Bakhchisaray Miniature Park. The young squirrels are now eating, playing, and resting in their new home, which they consider to be the happiest place.

Pusha’s responsibilities as a mother to four squirrels and four kittens may get very overwhelming, especially because she is unable to produce enough milk to feed all of her offspring. Those who arrive late to the dinner will not go hungry, however, since Fadeeva and her colleagues will provide goat’s milk in small bottles to all of those who arrive late, ensuring that no one goes hungry.

Just wait till you have a chance to see this adorable family in their natural environment! Prepare to be blown away! Enjoy!

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