These cats are the best babysitters on the planet…

Dogs are considered to be man’s best companions, according to popular opinion. Cats, on the other hand, are fiercely devoted creatures. Children are their favorites. Kid’s and cats are in a mutually affectionate relationship. When it comes to your children, they will always be nice and patient. And, in exchange, children love stroking them and expressing attention to them, which helps them feel more secure. In terms of babysitters, cats are hands down the best and most affectionate. Consider these kitties; the honesty simply oozes out of the photos of them.

#1. “Sometimes it’s nice to just lay back and ponder the complexities of life … and treats.”

#2. “See: you fit, you sit!”

#3. “Hmm, I think I have enough blush.”

#4.  “We’re here, and we’re ready to cause some trouble. Or maybe just eat some snacks.”

#5.  “I think you need a diaper change… We’ll wait for your parents to take care of that.”

#6.  “Don’t worry, I’m watching him”

#7. “Thank goodness you’re home. Please don’t tell her where I am.”

#8.  “Learning how to relax is one of the most important lessons in life.”

#9.  “I will gladly be the bumblebee to your ladybug.”

#10.  “Finally, someone who understands my inner royalty.”

#11. “So…they got you sleeping in this huh?”

#12. “Let me be your personal kitty guard on this outing.”

#13. “Come snuggle, it’s cold outside”

#14. “Balance is an important part of growing up”

#15. “Your toys are way cooler than mine.”

#16.  “Okay, Tiny Human, why must I always play the evil witch?”

#17. “I’m going to teach you how to properly appreciate a comfy chair.”

#18. “Alright, Small Human, you’re going to learn how to build a proper box fort!”

#19. “This is the only way to get him to stop crying.”

#20. “Why do we always have to play with YOUR toys?”

#21. “Play hard, then nap hard … or just nap hard.”

#22. “You’re quite a captivating storyteller, Little Human.”

#23.  “So … it just sort of hangs there? For us to play with?”

#24. “… Okay, I just remembered, I can’t read.”

#25.  “Finally, I get to be the big spoon!”

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