A little goat tries to headbutt a cat; the cat’s hilarious reaction earns him millions of views (video and photos)…

There have been many documented examples of two totally different creatures getting along with one another, and in some circumstances, even becoming the greatest of friends. Isn’t it just lovely?

Sometimes the best friendships are formed when the most unexpected of circumstances arise. Although two animals engaging with one other often results in mutual love between them, there are instances when they feel compelled to associate yet can’t tolerate each other.

This goat and a cat are quite an amazing duo, and a brief video of their hilarious interactions went viral on the internet as a result of their humorous communication style.

As a means of irritating the feline, the little goat tried to headbutt her in the face.

Isn’t that what goats are known for? It seems to be in their nature to attempt to headbutt just about anything and everyone they come across, and it seemed as if his feline ‘buddy’ over here was going to be on the receiving end of one of these attempts.

It’s fortunate that most of it is in good fun, and that this little goat is too small to do any real harm to the cat.

The owner of these two animals was able to catch this amusing moment on camera, and it is definitely a sight to be seen!

As you can see in the video at the bottom of this page, the cat is obviously not amused by the goat’s actions. Read on for more information. The feline’s patience is wearing thin by the second, and she eventually loses her cool!

The cat then attempts to strike back at the goat, giving the animal a kind of warning nip in the process, which the goat ignores.

This amusing encounter between two rivals has received millions of YouTube views and has been seen by people all around the globe.

In complete contrast to the goat, the cat seems to be completely unconcerned about everything and acts as if nothing is happening.

Afterwards, the feline attempts to bypass him with a good amount of nonchalance, but this just serves to irritate the goat even more. He just wanted to give out headbutts today, and he was not going to let anything get in the way of that.

While the goat attempts time and time again to make a move, the cat constantly manages to avoid the goat. At one point, she seems to have run out of patience and attempts to issue a warning and demonstrate to him who is in charge!

The warnings seemed to have had an effect, as the goat eventually backed away.

These two frenemies have definitely captivated the hearts on the internet!

Don’t forget to watch the funny video for yourself below.

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A little goat tries to headbutt a cat; the cat’s hilarious reaction earns him millions of views (video and photos)…
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