A couple has adopted a 33-pound cat and is devoting their time to helping him lose weight…

Mike Wilson and his fiancée Megan Hanneman were looking for a new feline companion when they came up with the idea. As a result, they made the decision to visit the local Humane Society. It was impossible not to be attracted to this gentle giant called Bronson as soon as they came through the door.

They were informed by a member of staff that Bronson’s previous owner had died away. Because he was just three years old and weighed up to 33 pounds, they believed that he had been fed by an older person who may have been giving him table scraps or something similar.

Bronson was taken to the veterinarian. His weight must be lost as soon as possible, or he would succumb to his condition, which is potentially deadly. They have changed Bronson’s food three times since he was first brought home. They’ve also tweaked his workout regimen a few times throughout the years.

When Broson was younger, he spent approximately 20 minutes each day playing with toys, and his parents carried him downstairs so that he would have to climb back up the stairs to return to his preferred resting place.

Bronson was the nicest cat they had ever met, and he seemed to be overjoyed to be in his own house with plenty of room to run about in.

He’s presently eating 375 calories per day on a restricted diet. Half of them come from the grain-free kibble, while the other half come from the grain-free canned food.

His ultimate favorite toy is a tomato that has been stuffed with catnip, which he enjoys attacking, biting, and kicking about with.

The sweetest thing about him is that he nearly always sleeps with a pillow.

He is well on his way to living a long and healthy life.

Let’s hope that after such a lengthy trip, he will be able to get a positive outcome soon!

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A couple has adopted a 33-pound cat and is devoting their time to helping him lose weight…
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