Does hairy mean scary? Well, for this cat it does…

Let us introduce you to Atchoum.

He’s an endearing, charming, and very attractive young Persian cat who has gathered quite a following for himself on social media platforms.

To stare into the dreadful gaze of Atchoum, the hairy 9-month-old kitten, is to see death in the face; it is to cast a glimpse into the vast and everlasting darkness. It is his penetrating stare that will bring your soul to its knees.

He is, without a doubt, a normal cat, although one with a lot of fur owing to his hypertrichosis. He’s even a sweetheart, according to his owner, Nathalie, if you get to know him. However, his eyes… good lord, his eyes…

“Some people loved him, some didn’t, but Atchoum can never leave you feeling indifferent.”

“When I received him, I saw a little mustache around his nose, and all other indications indicated that he had a serious medical problem, but  there are no genetic tests available in this region.”

“Atchoum has the appearance of a weird creature from a wonderful story.”

Look at the photos below and share your thought about him in the comments. Does he look scary to you? Why yes and why not?

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Does hairy mean scary? Well, for this cat it does…
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