17 photos of cats’ reactions when they’re given salad…

Cats are carnivores by nature. They need certain quantities of amino acids to be healthy, and a deficiency may result in health issues. Cats given vegetarian food often suffer from taurine insufficiency as a result of the diet’s lack of necessary amino acids.

Protein is necessary for the production of excellent and healthy hair, and cats need a large amount of protein to keep their lovely silky fur.

Obviously, we weren’t so terrible as to provide salad to cats – that would be animal cruelty. Instead, we used Photoshop’s magic. Enjoy this gallery by scrolling down!

Are you kiddin’ me?

No matter what, I’m not going on a diet!

Do you think I like this?

Where is my meat?

What is this?

Don’t play with me!

So disgusting! Ew!

I’m not hungry, thank you!

This is not good for my health!

Do you honestly believe this will improve my fur?

That snarling expression says it all…

Don’t stop me!

You’re just teasing me now, aren’t you?

What am I? Am I  a bunny to you?

Salad? I don’t like it!

I never eat this thing!

Am I a joke to you?!

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17 photos of cats’ reactions when they’re given salad…
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