After a year of hanging out at a hospital, a cat is hired as security…

We are all aware of how difficult it is to find work. Unlike humans, Elwood the cat, who is now employed as a security guard at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Australia, seems to be having a rather easy time of it.

It all began when Chantel Trollip, a member of the hospital’s staff, observed that there was a little cat that seemed to be hanging about the hospital all the time. He was simply going about his business, doing what he needed to do. Finally, after a year, she arrived at work and saw that the tiny man had acquired his own staff ID, which he was proudly wearing around his neck.

Chantel Trollip, a Pathologist at Epworth Hospital, revealed that Elwood has been coming to the hospital to relax for almost a year now and has done so almost every day.

In case that he wasn’t sunbathing, he would be spending his days either helping to “secure” the front of the hospital or “checking” all of the individuals that came in and out of the facility. It seemed that he already had the necessary qualities to be a security guard.

Trollip noticed one day that Elwood is now wearing a collar with some kind of tag on it, and he wanted to know more.

“I first saw his ID badge on him in June,” I remember. On that particular day, I was really in a terrible mood, but seeing his ID badge completely changed my perspective!” Trollip went on to explain. “Because he wasn’t dressed, I thought he was a stray when I first met him,” he added.  A collar and tag were then placed on him, followed by the acquisition of his own ID badge, which is similar to our real staff badges, right down to the call numbers on its back.”

As it turns out, Elwood’s strong interest in maintaining public order at the hospital resulted in him being hired as a professional security guard. Elwood, you have earned your badges!

When questioned about the ‘work efficiency’ of the new security member, Trollip responded by saying that his daily routine remained the same: checking on guesses or sunbathing in the afternoon.

“He is beautiful and kind, yet he does not show excessive devotion.” His favorite form of affection is a nice pat, although he prefers to keep things short and move around a lot. After all, he is a member of the security staff and is responsible for ensuring that everyone entering and exiting the building is examined,” Trollip said.

As a result, Elwood will now spend his days guarding the front entrance of Epworth Hospital and relaxing around!

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After a year of hanging out at a hospital, a cat is hired as security…
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