A cat was brought into an office to get rid of mice, but instead he brought money…

In addition to their soft, velvety stomachs, cats make great hunters and are a joy to have about the house. They may assist us in avoiding bugs and rodents in our homes.

It was this hunting ability that sparked a completely unique story that culminated in the formation of a charitable organization. It’s possible that you’re having trouble seeing the link between these two facts, so we’ll tell you everything right now. Keep reading to the end of the story and you’ll see how it got there.

This adorable cat was adopted by the owner of the marketing firm GuRuStu in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in order to deter rodents from entering the building. This fluffy gentleman immediately became a member of the team and soon discovered that he enjoyed sitting by the window and observing what was going on outside.

One day, the crew discovered money on the floor at the front entrance of the building. They were baffled as to why the scenario was repeating itself again and again, and they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

Later on, though, they came up with a theory. The company’s headquarters are situated in the heart of the entertainment area. In addition, a large number of individuals pass by the office door. So what if someone used the money to pay the cat to play with them?

They decided to put their theory to the test and attempted to slip a banknote through the slot in the door. It didn’t take long for the outcome to be revealed. The cat responded in a split second and snatched it.

The cat with the unique “skill” became very famous, and a large number of people would come by to engage in playful interaction with him. More money came within the door as a result of this, and the team decided to donate the money to a charity called Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, since there are many homeless people in the area, and the cat himself was previously homeless.

This cute burglar became known as the CASHnip Kitty, and people began to give him money in order to show their support for him. He has tremendous authority, and he has the ability to transform people’s lives!

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A cat was brought into an office to get rid of mice, but instead he brought money…
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