This lady is the mother of 12 rescued cats who are all totally different…

Everyone understands that having a single cat in your home may be difficult, but it is entirely possible with the right resources. However, taking care of twelve different cats is an unfathomable challenge.

Consider all of the chores you have to do on a daily basis, and you’ll get a headache just thinking about it. Just a few of the tasks that spring to mind include picking up litter every day, repairing furniture that our feline companions like scratching, and ensuring that they receive adequate exercise and attention.

Even though it’s almost a full-time job, our “12 Cats Lady” manages to juggle it all with grace and efficiency. Michelle describes her work as “being a full-time cat parent,” which is very endearing.

Moreover, she asserts that cleaning the litter box isn’t the most difficult aspect of her full-time work duties. Maintaining the cleanliness may become very irritating due to the fact that it is difficult to keep up with all twelve of them.

“12 Cats Lady” never imagined that she would one day have a home full of cats until she met Yuki, her very first cat. She brought her home after picking her up in the middle of the road, where she was freezing and unclean. She had been abandoned.

When she decided she wanted to rescue a few more cats, she knew she had to adopt two Chinchilla Persians. After a few years, she realized she couldn’t live without them. The others are just their offspring.

Michelle with her babies

Michelle claims that all twelve of her cats have been neutered, and she intends to maintain the number at twelve for the time being. She also claims to be in a good mood, which contrasts with the clichés of crazed cat women that we see all over the place these days. Michelle is very smitten with them and enjoys photographing them often.

They just like spending time together while eating.

They just love to eat together

Arranged by color.

Arranged by color

Every cat’s life is also characterized by a certain amount of laziness.

Laziness is also a part of every cat's life

Just chilling…

Just chilling

They are also looking forward to playing.

They're also can't wait to play

And pose of course.

And pose

They’re really cute.

They're adorable

And happy of course.

They're happy

They don’t all fit together, but that’s okay.

They don't all fit but it's fine

So fluffy…

So fluffy.

Oh, those round eyes!

Such round eyes.

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This lady is the mother of 12 rescued cats who are all totally different…
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