This couple travels around the world with their cat and dog…

What could be more wonderful than traveling across the world with your loved one and pet; it will be a very interesting experience that everyone dreams of. This is a story about two lovers named “boss” and “sen” who took each other on adventures all over the world, making others jealous and ecstatic at the beautiful scenery.

Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend like taking road trips. In 2004, they adopted a 3-month-old “boss” Henry. The girl had intended to get a golden retriever, but as soon as she walked inside the pet shop, Henry sprang to his feet with bright eyes, as if he had seen her. He accompanied his owner on the journey to see the world in less than 3 days after being adopted.

After some time had passed, the couple decided to adopt a cat named Barloo, whose mother had been orphaned when she was still a little kitten. Unexpectedly, at their first meeting, Henry and Barloo seemed to be saying something along the lines of “just hate meeting each other too late.” With little effort, the pets developed a strong and long-lasting friendship. Cynthia was concerned that her pet would not be able to survive in the wilderness and that her travel plans would be disrupted. However, it all went smoothly.  The cat, especially, likes to travel in the mountains.

Henry is, without a doubt, a trustworthy elder. He is always willing to take on the responsibility of “babysitting.” Cynthia and her boyfriend had become used to the sight of Barloo, the cat,  lying comfortably on the dog’s back when they are too tired or lazy to go, therefore treating the big brother as a “mountain.”

The friendship between the two best friends is becoming more and more intense. Perhaps this is what it means to travel with your bestie pets. It’s a blast!”

A family of four has traveled to many locations. And the journey goes on forever. They have left beautiful and warm footage that has made many people fall in love with them.

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This couple travels around the world with their cat and dog…
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