The before and after photos of rescued cats that are totally heartwarming…

A cat is one of the most thoughtful gifts that a person can offer to himself. Most of the time, they are simply so lovely and beautiful. Cats may be playful animals that love to snuggle and purr when they’re not being mischievous. Adopting a cat is the ultimate win-win scenario; it is beneficial to both the adopter and the cat. A decent home for a rescued cat is within reach for millions of people who care about animals. Every day devoted animal lovers help put the meow back in a cat’s stride. According to estimates, there are about 70 million homeless animals in the United States, and rescue shelters are struggling to provide the required care for all of them. If you are considering the possibility of bringing a new animal friend into your home, please consider rescue or adoption as options. Please enjoy these 16 before and after pictures of rescued cats, which demonstrate how a little amount of love can make a huge difference in life!

1.  Justin, the kitten who grew into a beautiful cat after being rescued from a fire

2. Bunny gets a second chance at life…

3.  Mr. Biscuits, who attempted to escape the cold by climbing up into the engine of a vehicle, but was severely burnt as the car sped away. As a result, he has fully healed and will never have to worry about being so cold (or that hot).

4.  When Kitty was discovered, she was in critical condition. Only one month later, she is photographed happy and healthy.

5.  Louie, who was rescued from the gutters…

6.  A blind kitten grew up to be a healthy survivor. This tiny kitten was discovered abandoned in a crate full of other kittens at a local shelter. She was the only one left alive, despite being blind. She is now healthier and trimmer than she has ever been.

7.  After being discovered with a severely infected wound infested with maggots, Kodama was saved. She couldn’t possible look (or feel) much better six years later.

8.  Utopia was rescued after being discovered cold and drenched in the rain.

9. Scout used to be a scrawny stray cat.

10. Before and after of a rescued cat…

11. Stuart Little was rescued when he was the size of a Chapstick and is now a healthy kitten.

12. Tyroin was rescued with a severe eye infection, but with good care and plenty of love, he’s on the mend!

13. Before and after. What a difference!

14. Spyder was discovered by a guy who brought her in and gave her a forever home.

15. Eleanor now has a joyful existence filled with purrs, sleep, and fish-flavored goodies.

16. She was begging for food until she was adopted into a loving home where she was cared after and loved.

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The before and after photos of rescued cats that are totally heartwarming…
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