A lost cat was found twice his original size… You won’t believe why!

Meet Clive, a 14-month-missing Norwegian Forest cat who was reunited with his family. Surprisingly, he was discovered in good health, although much, much fatter. He’d been enjoying the life of a gourmet in a pet food factory two miles away, it turned out.

Clive went missing from his home in December 2014, leaving Tanya and Jonathan Irons heartbroken. The couple and their two-year-old daughter Elizabeth initiated a Facebook appeal and put up flyers all throughout the area looking for Clive, but they were unsuccessful.

“He used to be quite a bad boy and liked to go outside a lot,” Tanya later revealed. We assumed he’d been adopted because he’s such a cute kitty.”

Workers at the pet food manufacturer discovered proof of a cat-burglar residing in the warehouse after their cat food went missing. So they decided to catch the cat-burglar, and Clive was discovered after 14 months of living in feline heaven and feasting. They then took him to a vet, who read his microchip and discovered that he belonged to the Irons family, who lived just two miles from the plant.

“We lost Clive when he was nine months old – and he was a lot smaller back then,” Tanya explained. We were surprised to see how big and fluffy he was when we got him back. In that pet food factory, he’s been living Riley’s life. Clive was said to be smelly when he was caught, but he appears to be alright now. He recognizes us, although he’s a little bigger now.”

“I believe he’s been savoring himself for the past year.” He wasn’t a huge eater before, but he had to eat rapidly to avoid his brothers stealing his food. He was undoubtedly relieved that he didn’t have to eat with them for once. However, he now has a voracious appetite. He won’t stop eating, so I had to leave him with a big bucket of food. We’re not going to put him on a diet, though; he’s just a little rounder, but he’s a picture-perfect cat.”

The family has now reunited with the gluttonous Clive, who has grown to nearly double his original size. We’re relieved that they’re back together. If you enjoy this post, kindly share it with your friends on social media.

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A lost cat was found twice his original size… You won’t believe why!
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