Cat adores his dad and wants to be with him all the time…

If you talk to someone who prefers dogs, they will tell you that cats are selfish and aloof. Eric, on the other hand, is not at all like that when it comes to him. He is always kind and attentive to his dad, and he is quite close to him. It is just receiving plenty of affection and attention that he is interested in.

“I never have to worry about him leaving my side.  He’ll be right behind you. He’s like a tiny shadow in the room. He’ll come over and sit on my lap all of the time. He rests his shoulders on my shoulders, rests his head on my chest, and snuggles up to my neck. He will meow until I give him the attention he craves, the strokes he needs to feel better. He enjoys having his tummy rubbed. He gets at least one nice brushing every day,” Eric’s dad, Steve, said.

Eric enjoys sleeping with his father so much that he never misses an opportunity to take up residence in his dad’s bed. When Steve is about to fall asleep, the cat will jump up next to him and snuggle up close to him. He is obligated to sleep on the pillow, no matter what happens.

Eric has a close buddy called Ollie who he considers to be his best friend. They are just wonderful company, and they are affectionate and attached to their owners. It’s obvious that the family has formed a deep connection with their cats over the years. That’s why they simply want to be at their owners’ sides all day, every day.

To show how much Eric loves his dad, have a look at the video below and share the post with your friends and family on social media:

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Cat adores his dad and wants to be with him all the time…
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