A scared rescued cat meets her new dad and immediately hugs him! So sweet!

Symphony was the name of the cat that you can see in the photos below. It is believed that she was rescued from a hoarder who was keeping 11 other cats and kittens in a filthy environment. Symphony had gotten herself into a dangerous situation when she was saved. She was also extremely timid and scared to death, which meant that the rescuers had a difficult time dealing with her.

Symphony, on the other hand, improved with each passing day, thanks to a lot of love and devotion. After years of being neglected, it was clear that the kitty needed to be socialized. She was fortunate in that her story had a happy ending as a result of the efforts of her rescuers.

A few weeks were required for Symphony to become acclimated to her new surroundings and lifestyle. She began to become more peaceful one step at a time. She was adopted by a couple who met her at the shelter where she was staying. Surprisingly, the cat became interested in them very immediately, albeit perhaps a little hesitant. When they got to the shelter, Symphony’s first reaction was to hug her new day. It’s as though she was anticipating what was about to happen.

We’re relieved that her story had a nice ending. We realize that not many animals get that chance, but we hope that this story may encourage others to adopt rescued cats.

You may watch their video below that will bring a smile to your beautiful face.

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A scared rescued cat meets her new dad and immediately hugs him! So sweet!
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