Your kittens are just trying to tell you THIS with their adorable little stares…

Have you ever just held your kitten in your arms, and they gave you that heart-melting stare, and you were left wondering what they were thinking? What exactly is going on in those tiny little heads of theirs? They have so much inexperience in the cat world, but they are also so full of love to give. Isn’t it inevitable that some wisdom will emerge from them? This is what they’re thinking but cannot tell you…

#1. “Be the most authentic version of yourself that you can be.”


#2. “You’ll never be able to view the entire universe in one sitting, so simply open your eyes as wide as you possibly can and take in as much as you can.”


#3. In order to learn to think outside the jar, it’s often necessary to spend some time inside one.


#4. “The world around you may be big, but that does not mean that everything about you is small.”


#5. “It’s important to treat yourself on a regular basis.”


#6. “They will compare you to lint, dust bunnies, and hairballs, among other things. Never let anything deter you from being focused on YOUR goals.”


#7. “Please take a moment to reflect on what you’re doing at this exact moment. Is it something that makes your heart happy? AND IF YOU SAY YES, THEN KEEP DOING IT.”

#8.  In order to avoid seeming stupid, you need surround yourself with individuals who are self-assured enough to tell you when you do.


#9. “Look for the rays of sunshine in your life.”


#10. When it comes to storms, it’s totally alright to be afraid, just believe in your ability to survive them.


#11. When it comes to making bad decisions, it’s sometimes best to just say ‘Whatever’ and watch everyone else make them.


#12. “Daydream often.”


#13.  “Love will always find a way to find you.”


#14. It is said that “if there’s a window, there’s also a way out.”


#15. “And remember! You ARE special and important, and everything about you adds to it!”


#16. There is no excuse for not being a warrior.


#17. “Keep in mind that even superheroes have terrible days and may have to walk out in a smelly shirt because they neglected to do laundry.”


#18.  “Take a good look at yourself. The fact that you are so wonderful is awful.”


#19.  “Find a place that makes you happy, and make it your home for a while.”


#20. “This is your life, go wild!”


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Your kittens are just trying to tell you THIS with their adorable little stares…
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