Peanut: a snaggletoothed, one-eyed cutie who will melt your heart…

Return to the beginning of 2016, when an unexpected visitor arrives on the doorstep of a couple’s home and there is an instant bond formed between them. Coincidence? Fate? So begins the narrative of love between this kitty and her parents…

“We immediately bonded with her, and she decided to remain for good,” says Alex, the cat’s owner. They named her Plop, and it wasn’t until a few weeks later that they realized she was pregnant.

Mama Plop gave birth to four adorable kittens soon after, one of them stood out in particular — a teeny thing they affectionately named Peanut (aka P) because she was so tiny.

“I noticed she was different fast when she couldn’t feed from her mother like the others, so I bottle-fed her until she was old enough to take wet food,” Alex explains.

P was half the size of her siblings and weighed so little at the vet that they couldn’t tell what she weighed for a long time. Her birth weight was so low that it didn’t even register on the scale.

Peanut was born with only one eye and a portion of her nose missing, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She couldn’t see anything until her good eye cleared up and opened one day. P’s snaggletooth got more noticeable as she grew older, but it simply added to her already adorable personality.

“P only has eye and nose deformities on one side of her body, but she is otherwise totally healthy and lively,” Alex explained.

Q: Is she living with anyone else in your house?

Plop, her biological cat mama (below left), Phoebe, our most recent rescue who is now one year old (below right), and Stephanie, our oldest cat who was Collins before we moved in with, all live with me and my boyfriend Collin, whom she adores (her daddy). Most people are unaware that we have four cats because she is difficult to photograph and is not overly friendly.

Q: What do you think her purrsonality is like?

Her demeanor is so endearing. She seems to have human feelings, which sets her apart from the rest of our cats. She is incredibly devoted to me and, when she wants to be, very cuddly. If I’m at home, she’ll follow me around the house, obliviously watching what I’m doing and begging for attention. Every day, I tell her how wonderful she is to us, and I believe she feels the same way. She’s quiet and gets irritated easily if we leave or do anything, which sets her apart from our other cats, who don’t seem to mind if we go away for a couple of nights. She’s the first, and typically the only one to meet us at the door when we return home. P has a special place in my heart that I would never give to another cat. She is simply my most cherished possession.

Q: Does she have a place to sleep?

She sleeps in the same bed as me! She never used to do that, but now she sleeps in between my legs most nights, and when my alarm goes off, she purrs loudly and rubs up against me.

Q: What is the funniest thing she has ever done?

Her current preoccupation with the water in the bathroom sink has to be the funniest thing she’s ever done. She’s so calculated that she’ll meow (which is unusual, so I stress out and follow her every time!) just near the bathroom doorway, and the second she sees me approaching, she sprints to the sink faster than I’ve ever seen! It’s hilarious how she flicks her back legs out or drifts around a corner to get there.

Q: What is the most naughty thing she’s ever done?

The naughtiest thing she’s ever done is to jump from our top floor railing (it’s a loft above that hangs over the living room below), which is quite a distance. I’m honestly astonished that she wasn’t wounded. Collin said he watched her falling down and that when she landed, she took a moment to absorb the shock before going about her business.

Q: Is she a spoiled brat? If so, how would you describe it?

She is extremely spoiled; whenever she enters the room, she is the center of our attention, and we lavish her with toys and whatever else she desires. If we’re paying attention to another cat and observe what P saw, we always give it to her right away to make her feel better.

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Peanut: a snaggletoothed, one-eyed cutie who will melt your heart…
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