A man leaves his job and sells all he owns to travel around the world with his cat…

Rich East is a little different from the rest of the world. He made the decision to leave his work and sell all of his possessions in order to travel. What’s the best part? He desired to be accompanied by one of the most wonderful creatures on the planet: his cat Willow!

After moving to Australia in 2015, Rich and Willow have been able to take in the breathtaking scenery.

Rich had a successful career, a house in the suburbs that was full of possessions, and a garden, but he lacked one thing: happiness. Consequently, one morning, Rich awoke with the inspiration to create a new life for himself. He resigned from his position and sold everything he owned. Building a new home on wheels and traveling across the country with his cat was the concept behind the project. Willow is a rescued cat who has traveled across the country in search of a new home. Since Rich’s departure from his home in Hobart, Tasmania, they have been traveling in a camper van.

Willow is actually having the best cat life she could ask for.

The couple has arrived in South Australia after traveling through six states and two territories across Australia. They sailed the Great Barrier Reef and camped on mountaintops in Burketown, Queensland, and the Northern Territory, among other destinations.

They’ve been called strange by some, but Willow has nothing to complain about because she has a tracker on her at all times. The cat is normally wearing a collar and appears to be having a good time on the camp.

You may watch the video about these two adventurers life below:

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A man leaves his job and sells all he owns to travel around the world with his cat…
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