A lonely truck driver takes in an abandoned stray cat…

Meet Paul Robertson and his cat Percy, who are the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet. They adore each other more than anything else in the world. Paul is a truck driver who enjoys his job, but he finds it difficult to stay entertained on long road trips. As a result, a few years ago, Paul decided to adopt a cat named Howie who would serve as his traveling companion. Unfortunately, Howie passed away in 2017, leaving Robertson with a vacuum that was unable to fill with words.

As the days passed, he realized it was time to find a new partner, so he went to an animal shelter to look for one. He made the decision to go to the shelter because he wanted to provide a suitable home for a stray cat. This is where he met Percy, a ginger stray cat that had been found abandoned on the streets and had been adopted by him.

Percy has had a difficult upbringing, suffering from an injury over his right eye as well as missing canine teeth. It wasn’t long before Paul realized that Percy would be the ideal companion for him, and he made the decision to adopt him.

Percy adapted really well to Paul’s lifestyle and proved to be an excellent traveling companion on their long-distance journeys. The sweet-natured cat enjoys riding in the vehicle and taking in the sights of the passing scenery. Everything that the two of them do today is done jointly; they work as a team and live as a family.

Paul and Percy have been together for nearly three years and provide so much happiness to each other’s lives.

Below is a video of Paul and Percy:

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