This inspiring man saved a kitten abandoned in the playground…

As soon as this man stumbled upon an abandoned cat in a playground, he had a gut feeling that she needed him. In a hazardous location directly close to a roadway, this small kitten was found all alone.

Numerous people had already passed her by, and no one had made any effort to save the kitten from her situation. Thank God for Brad, because he realized there was no way he was going to leave her alone.

He recognized that catching her would be tough, so he returned home and brought food and water with him. This process would take several days before he was able to gain her trust to the point where he could bring her home with him. Fortunately, she displayed little or no opposition and looked to enjoy her time with him.

Brad brought her into his house, marking the beginning of a loving friendship that includes his other cat, Tom, who cared for her as if she were one of his own children.

In reality, Tom behaved in the manner as a mother cat would, grooming her, cuddling her, and instructing her on what it is to be a cat in the first place. The cat was given the name April by Brad, and she has since developed into a content and confident feline.

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