This cat visits the beach for the first time and obviously despises it…

It is universally agreed upon by pet owners that each animal is remarkable and unique in their own manner. For example, one could assume that all cats behave in a similar manner…until one actually lives with one. Each kitty has its own unique quirks, unusual behaviors, and one-of-a-kind personalities that are concealed inside their little fluffy bodies, and you’ll soon understand that each kitty is unique in its own way.

Pumpkin, a cute ginger cat, is no exception to this rule. Pumpkin’s family recently chose to take him and his brother Moustachio on their first-ever trip to the beach, and it was during this trip that they learned a little more about Pumpkin’s distinct nature. Pumpkin, it turns out, like the beach but despises being blown around by a strong wind.

Pumpkin was first really enthusiastic about going to the beach.

He started making funny faces the first day my daughter and I took him to the beach because the wind had kicked up. We’d never seen anything like that before, and we were amazed. As a result, we shot a little video. All of the beach photos were taken from a 5-second video clip! He has now returned to the beach and seemed to enjoy it tremendously,” his owner said in an interview.

However, the wind began to gain up speed.

In fact, Pumpkin has always enjoyed being outside and traveling on many excursions with his family, as evidenced by his previous posts. “Pumpkin captivated me right from the beginning. He is extremely inquisitive, charming, adventurous, and highly intuitive. He is fond of all other animals, and they are fond of him as well. “He appears to be extremely linked to all living things,” the owner commented.

Pumpkin appeared to enjoy and have a great deal of fun exploring the beach and running around in the sand with his brother in the beginning. As the wind began to gather up speed, it became clear that the ginger cat was not having much fun with the situation.

Pumpkin was originally rescued as a kitten and adopted into the family when he was quite young. “We made the decision to take in a mother and four kittens from a local animal shelter. We fell in love with them all right away, but Pumpkin was the one we couldn’t bear to part with. We recognized immediately that he was unique. As a result of their uniqueness, we adopted him along with his brother Moustachio,” the owner explained.

“Pumpkin has a minor instance of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which is a condition that affects a portion of the brain that regulates his motor abilities. He becomes clumsy as a result of this. “It had an impact on his coordination as well as his depth perception,” the owner added. However, his infirmity does not prevent him from living his life to the best extent possible.

Pumpkin has been quite the online sensation in recent months. The post, which showed him relaxing at the beach and getting to know the breeze, quickly went popular on social media sites. “We’re completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for Pumpkin. It’s incredible how quickly his photographs got viral. Because so many memes have been created, it appears that his face is quite relatable!” the owner expressed her thankfulness. In fact, our friends and family were encouraging us to create a Facebook page for him because of his outgoing nature. So, we finally got around to it. We adore him, and he brings our family so much happiness that we’re delighted to be able to share him with the rest of the world.”

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This cat visits the beach for the first time and obviously despises it…
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