So that neither of them has to live alone, elderly lion couple is put to sleep together…

At the Los Angeles Zoo, a sickly senior lion couple was put to sleep at the same time in 2020, ensuring that neither of them would have to live alone in their old age. Both creatures were 21 years old when they met, and they had been together for six years.

Animal care and health personnel were concerned about doing so, but they had little choice because the lions’ health was deteriorating and they were suffering from age-related disorders that were harming their overall quality of life.

Hubert was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, while Kalisa was born at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, where she grew up. When the animals were relocated to the Los Angeles Zoo in 2014, they came into contact with one another. Since then, they have formed an unmistakable and powerful link with each other, and they have been unable to be separated from one another.

As LA Zoo spokesman Beth Schaefer explained, “These lions were charismatic both together as lovers and individually, but they were barely ever apart from one another.” “As they rested together, snuggled and nuzzled frequently, their complete focus was always on the other.”

Lions who live in zoos are meant to live between 15 and 17 years on average, therefore the duo outlived the expected life span of a zoo lion by more than a decade, reaching the ripe old age of 21.

“These devoted partners arrived at the Los Angeles Zoo in 2014, and they instantly won our hearts as we marveled at their beautiful majesty and their special bond.” On several occasions, it was reported that “you don’t see Kalisa unless Hubert is nearby.”

“While it is extremely heartbreaking that we had to say goodbye to this legendary couple, we can take solace in the fact that they did so together. These lions will go down in history as a wonderful influence, and they will be sadly missed.”

Hubert and Kalisa, may you rest in peace.

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So that neither of them has to live alone, elderly lion couple is put to sleep together…
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