The funniest cats who just need to get their stuff together!

Cats, as intriguing as they are, can also be the funniest of creatures. They truly like being clumsy and breaking all the norms in life. They live their lives as they see it, even if it makes them look silly. However, it is this absurdity that makes life with cats so amusing and interesting. There is never a dull moment if you have a cat!

#1. It seems like this balloon-obsessed party cat needs to learn to control his enthusiasm…

#2. And there’s this cat who believes it’s totally okay to lounge in the center of the pavement while wearing a flower crown.

#3. This bagel-obsessed cat who’s made a necklace from it.

#4. Here is a licensed physician’s assistant.

#5. And this gentleman here, who needs to give up his fantasy of being a newborn human infant.

#6. There’s this kitty who’s got a very alarming expression on his face.

#7. And then there’s this weirdo who’s starting to lose his mind.

#8. This adorable kitty has a COMMAND to stay clear of the writing supplies.

#9. This cat can’t seem to get enough of his younger sister.

#10. This is a cat who needs to examine his priorities in life.

#11. And then there’s this guy who has a lot of regrets.

#12. Why is she such a lunatic?

#13. This cat, who should not be involved in the bad scheme.

#14. And there’s this cat who has to unwind by making ridiculous faces.

#15. This cat has to quit taking food from the dinner table right now.

#16. This criminal who thought it was acceptable to squander perfectly nice bread.

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The funniest cats who just need to get their stuff together!
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