Photos of sphynx cats proving they aren’t the best photo models…

When you think of a photogenic cat, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most likely a gorgeous, rich coat, some majestic whiskers, or the most enticing eyes you’ve ever seen? Whatever your response was, it’s likely that you weren’t thinking of Sphynxes. Despite the fact that these felines aren’t the most photogenic, they are certainly full of personality.

#1. The best hammock pose.

#2. Isnt’t he lovely?

#3. Kung Fu master right here!

#4. A cat or a bat? You tell me!

#5. When my cat is cold, he acts this way.

#6. Our hairless cat has a face on the back of her butt.

#7. My Sphynx’s little hand is holding his favorite blanket close to him.

#8. “Loki, nice to meet you.”

#9. When you have a hairless cat, it is not uncommon for it to become nightmare material.

#10. “My cat in the sun.”

#11. Slave, if you don’t rub this belly, I’ll be grumpy for the rest of the weekend.

#12. What a yawn I caught here!

#13. Feeling awesome. Might delete later.

#14. The truth, and only the truth. I promise.

#15. This sun is exceptionally comfortable.

#16. My beloved cat.

#17. “Pregnant and I know it!”

#18. It’s not a good idea to wear a fluffy beanie…

#19. A little support from my goblin.

#20. Allow your weird light to shine brightly so that other weirdos can find you.

#21. My momager is attempting to turn me into a model.

#22. My toes are delicious…

#23. “Well, I like myself!”

#24. “I’m having a cute moment here.”

#25. “What are you looking at, hooman?”

#26. “Don’t speak to me, I’m mad at you!”

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Photos of sphynx cats proving they aren’t the best photo models…
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