The rapper quits his music career and devotes his time to cat rescue…

Even though Sterling Davis believed that music was his actual calling, he decided to leave the music industry in order to pursue his true calling — cat rescue. When he wasn’t performing, the former rapper worked as a litter box cleaner at a local animal shelter. He has always loved cats and has always had at least one of them, but his time spent with wild cats and rescues motivated him to be the change he wanted to see in the world. He now works to help feral cats and rescuers all over the world. He communicated with his band and informed them that he would not be returning.

He devoted all of his time and efforts to assisting with cat rescues and teaching others on the need for trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs for animals (TNR). TNR is the only humane method of reducing feral cat populations, and this is the message he wants to get out to everyone.

Despite the fact that he is a proud cat owner, he was surprised to discover that cat rescue organizations were overwhelmingly dominated by female volunteers. He was the only Black person working with cats at the shelter, but he hoped to alter that in the near future.

It occurred to him that there was an opportunity to aid in the rescue of cats while also diversifying the cat rescue profession. He worked in the field for five years, performing TNR and absorbing as much information as he could about cat rescue and rehabilitation. TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions was developed with all of his knowledge and enthusiasm by him and his wife.

Tracy Davis, better known by his alias TrapKing, has made it his mission “to break the perceptions of not only guys in cat rescue, but also to bridge the communication gap that exists between African-American communities and animal rescue/local shelters.”

In his first year out of high school, he joined the Navy, and he believes that his military experience, along with his entertainment background, allows him to connect with people of all ages and races. As he explained in an interview, “I believe that my experience in the military has prepared me to better communicate with people of all backgrounds and cultures, as well as more effectively convey this mission.”

In fact, I’ve been advocating for years to make TNR community cat care a normal practice, similar to recycling, and to include more people in the process in a variety of enjoyable ways.

Although he was from Georgia, he recognized that TNR programs were sorely needed around the country, not just in his home state. He plans to travel across the country with his three rescue cats, Bowie, Damita Jo, and Alanis Mewissette, spreading the word about trap-neuter-return and aiding local shelters along the way.

Since children are the future of our society, Davis has made it a point to involve them in his TNR and cat rescue education. In his opinion, you don’t lose cool points for showing sympathy. He’s even suggesting that the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts add a TNR badge to their programs in order to reach even more children.

In the meanwhile, TrapKing is collaborating with the Java Cats Café in Atlanta to assist rescued cats in finding new homes. While Davis still feels that wild cats should be returned to their colony after being spayed or neutered, certain cats are better suited to living as indoor cats.

The primary purpose of his group is to save cats, but he also hopes to bring people together around a common cause. In addition, he said, “I believe something as selfless as rescue can serve as a model of togetherness and collaboration to the rest of the world.” “That’s something I’d like to put out there.”  With the help of social media, Davis has found a way to merge his love of music with his passion for stray cats. He posts catch and release videos of the cats he captures and releases. TrapKing is demonstrated in action in the video below, and you can also listen to his original music.

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The rapper quits his music career and devotes his time to cat rescue…
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