A video showing how a drowning kitten was saved by a true hero…

Sometimes a tiny act of compassion might spell the difference between life and death for someone who has been found at a time of desperate need. It is the story of a poor kitten who got herself into a lot of difficulty during a severe downpour. When it appeared like the tiny ball of fur was doomed forever, a hero came in and rescued the day!

Whilst working as a road worker in Istanbul, Turkey, Metin Keskin noticed a kitten being swept away by floodwaters and reported it to his superiors. When the little cat appeared to be lifeless, the guy realized right away that something was wrong with him. Keskin, in spite of this, came to her assistance. Consequently, when she was lying in the middle of the roadway, the amazing man grabbed her and immediately began performing CPR on her petite frame.

She was “unconscious,” according to the man.

The man even breathed a few breaths into the kitten’s mouth and stroked her tiny body when she appeared to be unresponsive to CPR efforts. Fortunately, it did not take long for the man’s efforts to be rewarded. The kitten’s quiet meow could be heard coming from her mouth as Keskin gently shook the cat’s body in an attempt to push water out of her tiny lungs while he was doing so. For Keskin, but also for the large crowd of people who had assembled to see the dramatic rescue, it was a tremendous relief.

One of the onlookers even managed to capture the moment on camera. Take a look at this:

When the hero realized that the kitten was showing signs of life, he even took the cat to the nearest veterinarian to ensure that it would fully recover. But that’s not all there is to it! After realizing that such a storyline could only have a very happy ending, Keskin decided to adopt the small kitten after she had healed.

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A video showing how a drowning kitten was saved by a true hero…
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