Some will call him an ugly kitten, but you don’t know the story behind…

A 5-month-old kitten has a strange condition as well as an unusual appearance. He is overjoyed to receive assistance and affection.

Teddy, the kitten has a unique expression on his face, as though he is much older than his years. He was surrendered to the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts, in order to have a better chance of survival.

An animal rescuer contacted Tara Kay, the creator of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, about a litter of kittens, one of which was a tiny grey kitten that stuck out. Tara Kay adopted the cat and named him Odd. Despite the fact that he was only a few weeks old, his skin had become abnormally stretched and floppy.

“She saw that he was unique and came out to us to see if we would be interested in taking him on. We came to an agreement,” Tara, a kitten rescuer who specializes in helping cats and kittens with specific needs, shared the story with during an interview.

When the kitten arrived at the refuge and met a volunteer from the organization, he instantly switched up his purr motor to maximum volume. “He was purring non-stop at the time. He offered embraces, turned over for belly massages, and generally enjoyed being around people.”

Teddy was born with a rare disease known as Feline cutaneous asthenia, commonly known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which caused him to have swollen, scaly skin (EDS).

This inborn disease results in a shortage of collagen in the body, which has an effect on the strength and suppleness of the skin as well as the ligaments.

“His skin is paper-thin and prone to tear at any time without notice. He requires a great deal of particular attention, and we are prepared to help him get well,” Tara was kind to share with us.

Teddy, a five-month-old kitten with EDS, is the youngest cat in the rescue with the condition. He has begun therapy in order to assist enhance the quality and strength of his skin.

His wounds are mending well, and he transforms into a lovable blob of mush every time he is taken care of by others.

“We want to cover his nails with nail caps and keep him warm by dressing him in a sweatshirt (to prevent skin tearing). He has been taking a collagen supplement, and he is on his way to recuperation,” Tara informed us.

Ever since he came at the shelter, Teddy has been a cuddle-bug and purr-machine for his foster family. Between naps and play periods, he is passionate about gaining the attention of his caregivers.

He is the happiest cat on the planet since he is adored and cared for by his family.

Teddy is ecstatic and has been purring continuously.

don’t be fooled by the kitten’s drooping, sad eyes; he is in fact, quite content. Teddy doesn’t appear to be bothered by anything as he rushes about the room, getting zoomies as any other kitten would.

The mere presence of a human companion is enough to get him to melt and break into purrs on his own.

He is very affectionate and enjoys being hugged.

“He enjoys playing and cuddling, and he really enjoys his meals. Throughout it all, he maintains the best of spirits, and he is consistently joyful, grateful, and purring,” Tara told us.

Teddy is making good progress toward recovery.

Take a look at this adorable video of Teddy the kitten:

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Some will call him an ugly kitten, but you don’t know the story behind…
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