Found beside the road, these two kittens insisted on staying together…

Two calico kittens had been found together near the side of the road. Since then, they’ve been inseparably connected to each other.

Sparkle Cat Rescue, a North Carolina-based all-volunteer organization, was notified about two tiny kittens who had been born less than 24 hours before. They were discovered together, without a mother, near the side of the road, according to Sarah Kelly, a foster volunteer with the rescue organization, who spoke to the media.

It was critical that the kittens were rescued and received expert treatment. A volunteer from Sparkle Cat Rescue jumped into action and transported the cats across the state to their foster home in North Carolina, where they were welcomed with open arms.

“Because they had never been with their mom and because they were so little and weak, these calico sisters were fighting an uphill battle.”

Sarah began giving the palmed-sized babies bottle feedings around the clock right away. They soon better adapted to their comfortable incubator (which assisted in regulating their body temperatures) and promptly fell asleep after consuming their fill of food.

The names Soleil and Luna, which translate as sun and moon, were chosen because of their contrasting light and dark face marks.

Two peas in a pod, the two sisters have been clinging to each other from the beginning. Everyone is baffled as to how they ended up outside without their mother, but the tiny fighters managed to survive by pulling each other through until aid arrived.

Luna was unable to open one of her eyes due to an infection and required further care. Throughout her rehabilitation, her sister never left her side, offering comfort and support.

“Their relationship is quite special. After Luna was diagnosed with a dangerous eye illness at the age of one week, we realized how wonderful it was because of how protective and consoling Soleil had been of her sister, Luna,”  Sarah was kind enough to share her story with us.

“She slept on top of her or with a paw on her all the time. That week, Soleil, who is always cheerful and pleasant, was especially protective and attentive. They are both incredibly sweet and adore each other!”

Luna recovered fast because of her sister’s constant presence. Her eye began to open and clear up.

She was able to see clearly and her sister with both eyes for the first time.

The loyal duo was ecstatic to see their new surroundings. They were wandering throughout the neighborhood, inspecting every nook and corner. If they weren’t within eyeshot of each other, they’d go out of their way to find each other.

Soleil continues to give her sister cuddles on a daily basis. When they’re both sleeping, she’ll wrap her arms over Luna and bear-hug her sister whenever she has the chance.

Soleil always finds a way to hold Luna, even when they wrestle and play.

The two best buddies are becoming increasingly playful and plotting mischief in their playpen.

Whatever they do, they do it as a team.

In this cute video, you can see the calico sisters:

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Found beside the road, these two kittens insisted on staying together…
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