A jealous kitty doesn’t allow his owner to…

A junior at the University of Florida, Madison Ellis is actually pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian in her spare time. She takes care of all of her pets on her own, with only a little assistance from her mother, with whom she lives in the same house.

At one point in time, this then 2-month-old kitten, whom she named Cinderella, or Ella for short, became the newest member of the family. Madison was able to save this kitten when she came close to running over her on a dark road late one night.

Ella is an endearing and amusing little cat, and Madison has stated that she is not afraid of anything at all. She enjoys chasing the dogs all over the home and even taunts the other cats, who are probably three times her size.

Madison fed Ella special kitten meals at the time because she was so young, unlike the other cats, especially Jesus, who is described as a very clingy fur-baby.

As a result of Madison’s large number of animals, she feeds the other cats in the bathtub to prevent the dogs from stealing their food. One day, Ella showed an interest in joining in and hopped up into the bath on her own. The amusing scene was captured on camera and is available for you to watch below. Enjoy!

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A jealous kitty doesn’t allow his owner to…
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