Cats Watching People From The Ceiling: The Funniest Photos…

#1. A shop owner installs a glass ceiling for cats so they can watch him work.

Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For Cats So They Could Stare At Him While He Works

#2. “I’m a plumber, and I’ve been greeted by a curious kitten while working in a ceiling void beneath a leaking shower.”

I'm A Plumber Working In A Ceiling Void Under A Leaking Shower And I Have Been Greeted By A Curious Kitty

#3. Who pspspsps’d me?

Is It You Whomst Pspspsps'd Me?

#4. Orange, my girlfriend’s cat. He was put in the attic to hunt for mice, and now he refuses to come down.

My Girlfriend's Cat, Orange. Put Him In The Attic To Hunt For Mice And Now He Doesn't Want To Come Back Down

#5. I’m remodeling my basement, and I recently removed all of the ceiling tiles. This is how I discovered my cat.

I’m Remodeling My Basement And All The Ceiling Tiles Were Just Removed. I Found My Cat Like This

#6. Spider Cat, is that you?

Spider Cat, Spider Cat Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does

#7. The Umbrella Cat is keeping an eye on you.

Umbrella Cat Is Watching You

#8. I was looking through the books in this small, quiet bookstore when I heard something above my head.

I Was Browsing The Books In This Small Secluded Book Store When I Heard Something Above My Head

#9. A cat in a tent.

Tent Cat 

#10. Hello?!

Classics From My Phone

#11. Our kitten has learned to climb… Congratulations?!

Over The Last Week Our Kitten Has Discovered She Can Climb

#12. “Help me! I’m trapped here.”

Trapped Cat

#13. The Ceiling Cat is always watching you!

Ceiling Cat Is Always Watching

#14. Every day, this master will rip a hole in the ceiling and fall from the sky!

The Master Who Will Break The Hole From The Ceiling Every Day And Fall From The Sky!

#15. “Hello! How are you doing human?

This Cat

#16.  Mom is taken aback as her cat learns to climb the ceiling like a spider.

Cat Shocks Mom By Learning To Climb On The Ceiling Like A Spider

#17. I was walking in an antique shop when I noticed this cat poking his head through a hole in the ceiling.

I Walked Into Some Antique Shop And Saw This Cat Poking His Head Through A Hole In The Ceiling

#18. When I looked up, I saw this!

When I Looked Up, There Was A Shinobi

#19. “Stop looking at the ceiling. I’m embarrassed.”

Stop Looking To The Ceiling

#20. “Yesterday, Winnie got stuck in the ceiling.”

Winnie Got Stuck In The Ceiling Yesterday


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Cats Watching People From The Ceiling: The Funniest Photos…
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