Can a dog be a mother to kittens? See for yourself!

Jelly’s Place animal rescue in San Pablo, California, rescued three orphaned kittens who had been abandoned on the street by their mother. Because the babies were so young, they required the care of a foster mother who could care for them until they were old enough to find a permanent home.

When Kendal Benken saw a Facebook post about three kittens, she jumped at the chance to take them in and care for them. Due to Benken’s previous experience fostering dogs and kittens, the rescue organization approved her to serve as the kittens’ foster mother.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Benken was sheltering at home. “I’d been looking for something to do for a while. Who doesn’t enjoy the company of adorable kittens? It struck me as a fantastic opportunity.”

Because the kittens had never known a mother’s love, Benken tried her best to treat them as if they were her own. Benken, on the other hand, claimed that she was not the only woman who cared for and protected the kittens.

Truvy, her 105-pound Lab mix, fell in love with the babies and was more than willing to assist her with some of the motherly duties.

“It’s so funny, because as soon as I brought them in, she was like, ‘Let me look at them,'” Benken added.  “She was immediately at ease with them. “They are her children.”

The giant dog watches over them and never lets the kittens out of her sight as they grow into strong adults. The dog sits beside the kittens, keeps an eye on them at all times, and cleans them constantly.

“When I was trying to get the feedings done, I had to kick her out of the room because she was trying to manage me,” Benken said. “As soon as I let her back in, she’d run over to them and inspect them, cleaning them and smelling them. She has taken such a personal interest in them. She takes her responsibilities very seriously.”

Whenever there are other dogs in the area, they will be pushed out of the way by her, and she will guard the kittens and stand in front of them.” Whenever another dog pokes their nose into the area where she is the kittens, she snaps at them all. “She will issue a stern warning to them that the kittens are her property,” Benken said of her dog.

Truvy was 5 weeks old when Benken adopted her from a shelter in Texas. Benken named her Truvy. The foster kittens I’ve brought in have always gotten along with her. “She has an incredible level of patience,” Benken said.

When I consider that she’s never had puppies and was spayed when she was 6 months old, I think it’s interesting that she has such a strong motherly instinct. Whatever the reason, she’s in charge of it. “I think it is beautiful”.

We are delighted to learn that the three kittens, Ed, Prissy, and Louie, will be available for adoption in the near future. I hope to replace them with a new litter that we can foster,” Benken said. “Truvy will be sad when they leave,” she added. The kittens are exposed to dogs and Truvy gets to be a mama, so it’s a win-win situation.” It increases their likelihood of being adopted. They are not intimidated by a dog. She’s always gentle and kind,” says Kendall.


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Can a dog be a mother to kittens? See for yourself!
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