You have to see what these cats did only to win their owners’ attention…

Cats, just like us, are sociable creatures who enjoy interacting with people. As a result, it is no surprise that they enjoy attracting our attention. Our four-legged companions expect our love and attention anytime they please, regardless of what we are doing. They will roll around on our keyboards as we try to type, howl in our ears as we try to speak on the phone, and place their paws or butts on our faces if we refuse to pay attention to them. In short, our feline companions are actually rather intelligent and resourceful when it comes to attracting our attention.

Despite the fact that cats might annoy us at times, we never grow weary of or dislike them. It doesn’t matter what happened; we still care about them and forgive them for their mistakes.

If you still don’t think that cats enjoy being the center of attention, continue reading to find out for yourself! It goes without saying that our dogs take pleasure in every instant of our attention.

#1. Watson does this every time I open a book, and it’s become a habit.

#2. The Playstation police couldn’t put an end to this illegal behavior.

#3. It’s already 5:15 AM… “Get up human!”

#4. “My cat has figured out that when the alarm goes off, it means I’m up, so she snuggles up to my chest immediately away.” Every day, I’ve begun waking up 30 minutes earlier to give her more pleasant time.”

#5. “Stop working right now; I’m in severe need of your attention.”

#6. “I usually wake up to this.”

#7. “A baby sling is the ideal option for a cat in distress.”

#8. “When my cat seeks attention, she has a habit of throwing herself on the floor or flopping on the floor and trying to be cute.”

#9. Stop working and put some tuna in my bowl, man!

#10. “I want you to play with me! NOW!”

#11. “Right under them is my keyboard.”

#12.  “Modern issues, modern solutions.”

#13. “Helen, just stop working. It’s the weekend, and I’m not going to let it happen. Please feed me now, and thank you.”

#14. “Cat (chewing on a plastic container): I want to play!”
Cat (After I’ve chased her away from the plastic, she chews on a candle): I want to PLAY!
Cat (chewing on my new microphone): “I WANT TO PLAY!!!”

#15. “I ate the final piece of fish in front of my cats, who have been staring at me for the next ten minutes.”

How do your furry friends love to get your attention? Share their photos with us in the comments section!

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You have to see what these cats did only to win their owners’ attention…
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