This sphynx kitty reminds you of a … bat?!

When Lucy’s owner Zilla Bergamini viewed a video of hers and her Sphynx siblings, she fell head over heels in love with her right away. Lucy, according to Zilla’s thoughts, had a delightfully different look from her littermates. In fact, after taking the cute cat to a physician, they discovered that she was suffering from hydrocephalus, a rare neurological illness marked by a build-up of fluid in her brain.

The veterinarian stated that he did not believe it was necessary to do surgery on Lucy. However, more than a year has passed since Lucy’s diagnosis, and the remarkable cat appears to be enjoying the greatest years of her life, owing to the love and care she receives from her kind and loving owner.

Zilla had to wait three days before she could bring her new pet cat home, whom she had adopted from a family friend. Her whole attention was focused on researching hydrocephalus and related feline health issues, as well as preparing for Lucy’s arrival during this time period. “I started reading everything I could find about hydrocephalus and the various consequences that could occur. It took me a long time to find the top veterinary neurological center in the country, and I’ve already begun putting up a fund to cover the cost of any surgery or medication that may be required,” the unique kitty’s mom told in an interview.

Lucy was two months old when she arrived at her new home in Haifa, Israel, where she would spend the next two years. By this time, Lucy’s owner Zilla had already adopted two rescue cats from animal shelters, and while she was thrilled to welcome Lucy into the family, Lucy’s neurological condition caused her to be a little anxious. “Her future was in danger,” Zilla admitted to the journalists.

Lucy cried uncontrollably for the first several days she spent with her new family. Zilla grew concerned when she discovered that the kitty had not emptied her bowels for the previous few days. Zilla took her gorgeous cat Lucy to the veterinarian who had been caring for her since she was a kitten in the hopes of finding answers. In regards to pooping, the vet informed Zilla that Lucy’s stomach was empty and that she was most likely hiding it. He also informed Zilla that Lucy would require eye drops for the rest of her life. This did not, however, relieve Zilla’s concerns, and she set up an appointment with the top veterinarian in her area.

The new vet discovered that the poor feline had not had a bowel movement in several days, which was extremely concerning. After taking care of it, Zilla shared in the interview “she nearly flowed excrement 24 hours a day for more than two weeks straight.” The only way I could put her to sleep was to put her in a tiny baby diaper and cuddle her all the time.

When the cute cat and her owner were going through a difficult time, they created a particular friendship. Following the resolution of Lucy’s digestive troubles, she was referred to an eye specialist to see whether or not anything could be done to permanently correct her vision problems. When Lucy’s veterinarian discovered that she had hydrocephalus, he observed that her skull had grown in an unusual form, which caused her eyelids to rub against her corneas.

Fortunately, the “wonderful veterinarian,” as Zilla refers to him, was able to correct the situation, and the little kitten no longer requires eye drops.

Fortunately, the beautiful girl was able to be nursed back to health.

Fast forward to the present, and the adorable bat-girl is doing quite fine for herself. Zilla, on the other hand, keeps a watch on her because even a minor medical problem could necessitate rapid professional assistance. Fortunately, this does not prohibit Lucy from living her best life, which includes playing, cuddling, and sitting on the ledge to watch the birds fly by.

Watch the video below:

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