This kid and his long-lost cat have been reunited after…

People have a tendency to anthropomorphize their pets and treat them as if they were human. It is common for them to adore their pets, to see them as members of the family, and to develop deep relationships with them. That is why it hurts so badly when we have to say goodbye to our pets. It evokes many of the same emotions as the death of a family member.

The little kid in the following story was similarly heartbroken after losing his pet cat seven months earlier. When his family relocated, it’s likely that the cat became alarmed, raced away, and became disoriented amid the chaos. His family did all they could to locate their lost friend but to no effect.

The little kid was depressed and concerned about his buddy, but he had no option but to go on with his life. And, of course, he never gave up hope that his cat was safe and would eventually return to him and his family.

After seven months had passed since the cat went missing, there was very little hope that he would be found. However, due to the microchip, the family was able to track down the cat and bring him back to their house. They were relieved to see that their tabby was in good health.

Because the family was certain that their son would be delighted to see his closest buddy again, they decided to make the good news a surprise for him. Not only that, but they also recorded a video of his response and posted it on social media.

As you can see in the video, the boy has just gotten home from school and is walking around the house looking for his mother, who is not in his sight. When he finally sees his mother, he can’t believe what he is seeing. She is holding his pet cat, whom he adores. He takes a moment to take it all in… Is it even possible that it’s true?

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This kid and his long-lost cat have been reunited after…
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