Out of the bushes into a new life…

Cassie was about to leave the house when she heard a strange chirping noise coming from behind a bush. When she arrived at the bush, she discovered a kitten sheltering within it. When the kitten caught Cassie’s sight, she bolted out of the bush and walked right up to her. The kitten hissed at her at first, but as soon as she lifted her up, she melted into Cassie’s arms.

“I lifted her up and place her on my chest before walking her towards where my stuff is. It was in my car that I discovered a Frisbee and filled it with water, and she was drinking nonstop. I happened to have some cat food in the car for my cats, so I grabbed some of that and gave some to her, and she immediately eat it up,” Cassie told in an interview.

The kitty didn’t want to leave Cassie’s side, so she sat up on her shoulder and begged to stay. “She just followed me around wherever I went.  Anywhere I went, she would follow me back and forth, all the time. She was serious about not leaving my side at all. Moreover, the moment she came running to me, I knew she was going to be with me for the rest of her life.”

Cassie carried the kitten home and named her Charm. “I simply believe that it was a matter of being in the right place at the right moment,” she says. As a result, I decided to give her a name that was lucky, and Charm was the best option.

She bathed the kitten since she was dehydrated, malnourished, and flea-infested, and she felt bad about it. Later, she went to bed and awoke to find herself in a completely different kitten the next morning. She began to come out of her shell and have a good attitude towards herself. She was completely unafraid of the other cats or the dog. “She was completely brave,” said Cassie.

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