Is it just me, or do these cats really act human-like?

Despite the fact that we humans tend to think of ourselves as one unique species, it turns out that animals, particularly cats, have a lot in common with us. Many scientific investigations have demonstrated that cats can develop characteristics that are very similar to those of their human companions over time. Additionally, if you have ever owned a cat, you may have noticed this as well.

Here is a list of some cats who behave and act in ways that are similar to humans. And these ones below do it so naturally and dramatically, that it’s even a little bit scary. You might be shocked at how similar we are to our feline companions sometimes.

Check it out for yourself by scrolling down!

1. Please look at my girlfriend’s kitty… He stands!

2. Turned 3 and was obviously not impressed with the celebrations.

3. When I point my phone at her, she seems to be posing for the camera.

4. When you’re free and have a nice voice, why not sing?

5. Movies are a favorite pastime for all kids, right?

6. After watching the news, don’t you have the same look on your face?

7. They say it’s always scary to drive for the first time.

8. Stretching and dancing classes here.

9. Our new addition obviously does not meet with my cat’s approval.

10. My cat seemed to have witnessed something he would wish to forget.

11. Sports? Sure! But not today!

12. We’ve all had those moments when all we want to do is scream!

13. Waiting patiently for her food.

14. Hey guys, today’s guest is my cat. Please welcome!

15. Perhaps you have some sort of teeny-tiny treat for me?

16. Today was a hard day.

16. It’s been 84 years since these humans left the house, dear diary. It’s too much for me.

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