Sleeping cats or sleeping beauties? You decide!

Cats spend the bulk of their time sleeping during the day, so it’s no surprise that they’re considered to be sleep gurus in their own way. Additionally, these incredible animals have an ability that allows them to sleep pretty much any place. Cats, no matter where they sleep or how they sleep, always seem to be too darn adorable. Even if you are not a cat lover, you have to agree that a sleeping cat is very attractive and adorable in its simplicity.

We’d like to share with you some photos of sleeping beauties, so please enjoy them below. We hope that these adorable photos will brighten and make your day a little better. Hopefully, after viewing these photos, you’ll agree with us that there is nothing sweeter than a cat asleep in a blanket. If you still don’t trust us, then take a look at the photos below.

1. “I was freaking out because I couldn’t seem to find him anywhere. I finally found him sleeping like this.”

2. “He enjoys napping in my arms.”

3. “This kitty cat enjoys napping in a vase.”

4. “My husband preferred a cat over a dog because dogs are “very needy.” So we got a cat instead.”

5. Just a sleeping baby here.

6. Just two brothers sleeping.

7. His favorite sleeping spot.

8. Sleeping in a very interesting position.

9. He almost always sleeps like this.

10. Taking a nap in the sun and photos like this one.

11. The girls are sleeping…

12. “I discovered these two sleeping like this.”

13. “Let me introduce you to Newt. He will only sleep on my head.”

14. I adopted a kitten yesterday. He likes strange sleeping positions.

15. Myu sleeping beauty.

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Sleeping cats or sleeping beauties? You decide!
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