A family and their newly adopted cat almost died…

When Sandi and Mike Martin adopted Lilly, they were excited to be able to contribute to the saving of her life. They had no idea that this rescued cat would go on to save their own lives in return for their kindness.

Lilly has feline leukemia, as well as three extra toes, which reduces her chances of being adopted at the shelter in general. However, after fostering Lilly, the Martins — who had prior experience caring for special needs cats — made the decision to officially adopt the special needs cat into their family, thereby providing a second chance at life to this previously abandoned cat. A short while later, the shelter pet would repay their kindness.

Sandi and Lilly were having a good time at the house when she noticed that her cat appeared to be strangely preoccupied with the fireplace valve. “It struck me as a little strange,” Sandi said to Cat Adoption Team, the Pacific Northwest cat rescue from which Lilly had been adopted. “That was something she’d never done before.”

The strange smell was first noticed by Sandi when she approached Lilly to see what had piqued her interest in the first place. Sandi called her husband Mike for a second opinion, and then she called the gas company’s helpline for assistance with the problem.

According to Sandi, “They instructed us to open all doors and remain outside the room, as well as to refrain from using our mobile phones or any other electronic devices in that room.” When the inspectors arrived, they discovered that the fireplace had been quietly leaking potentially dangerous gasses for some time. It’s possible that the leak would have resulted in a deadly explosion or fire if Lilly hadn’t intervened.

“Lilly saved our lives,” said Sandi, who will be eternally grateful to the kitty who saved her family’s life. Not only did Lilly show her gratitude to her new humans by showering them with cuddles and affection, but she also literally saved their lives in return.

Adopt, don’t shop!

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A family and their newly adopted cat almost died…
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