A date night turned into a kitten rescue…

The cat was seen by Nikki and her husband as they were on their way to a wine and music night at a local restaurant. At that point, the compassionate woman realized she couldn’t bear the idea of abandoning this helpless creature, so she chose to carry the kitten home instead of going on a date.

The kitten was so little and alone when they first saw her. Nikki didn’t believe the tiny baby would have made it through the night since she didn’t have much energy. She and her husband held onto the cat and kept a close watch on her during the whole night.

“She was either battling a viral or a bacterial illness at the time. Her weight was starting to drop. Because she was unable to swallow on her own, we began tube-feeding her. She was being cared for in an incubator. It was my idea to put the teddy bear in with her as a little friend and someone to cuddle with.”

Amazingly, she was able to eat on her own for the first time. They were delighted to learn that she was growing and flourishing in her new environment. Despite the fact that they adored the cat, they felt it was time for her to find a permanent home. Fortunately, she was adopted by a loving family, and she is now enjoying the greatest life possible with her new family.

Watch the following video to learn more:

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