When you find out that your cat likes your husband’s beard, you buy a fake one and…

As one insightful woman discovered, cats can be fickle with their attention and love, which was exactly what she had wanted. Read on to know why.

While we may never be able to fully comprehend what cats are thinking, we can make educated guesses based on their actions.

Although it is often believed that dogs are man’s greatest buddies, Roswell demonstrates that cats may also be man’s closest friends.

Roswell is a 5-year-old polydactyl cat that is very attached to his father. The two of them are always hugging, and it is clear that Drew, his father, is his favorite person in the world. Lindsey, Drew’s wife, on the other hand, refused to give up hope and went to great efforts to earn the affection of her cat.

She saw these two best friends cuddling and noted that Roswell paid particular attention to Drew’s beard. She thought it was cute.

She questioned if that was all it needed to earn Roswell’s affection…

She decided it was worth a try, so she went to the shop and bought a fake beard.

She searched for one that looked as similar to Drew’s as she possibly could and put it on. Roswell sauntered over to brush against the new beard after just a few minutes of sitting on the sofa with it.

It was really working!

“I believe I have discovered a particular cheat code,” Lindsey told in an interview.

She wanted to test whether it was the beard or if Roswell had a preference for Drew, so she put on her husband’s cap and shirt and sat back to see what would happen.

In the beginning, Roswell came up to her and nuzzled her, but the moment she removed her hat and beard, he went away. Then Lindsey asked, “I’ll put the beard back on. Will it make you like me?”

Roswell, being the faithful cat that he is, chose to cuddle on his father’s hat instead.

“Nine times out of ten,” Lindsey confessed, “he will still choose my spouse.” But still,  Lindsey is not giving up.

Her efforts have gone viral, and she is serving as an inspiration to other cat moms.  You can watch her funny attempts in the video below. It will surely brighten your day.

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When you find out that your cat likes your husband’s beard, you buy a fake one and…
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