To get over the landlord’s prohibitions the man designed and built his own ladder for his cat…

When his landlord forbade his cat from entering the house, Tariq Khoyaratty, a PhD student at Oxford University, pulled out an absolutely brilliant stunt. Khoyaratty and his girlfriend Nikki reside in a building designated as a Grade II structure. Because of the historical importance of this building in the United Kingdom, residents are required to adhere to a set of rules and regulations while they are there.

As a result, it was almost difficult to make any changes to the structure, leaving the couple with little choice but to come up with something incredible in order for their cat to sneak in. As a result, they constructed a ladder for Nelson to use in order to race up their room and leap out an open window.

When they were building the ladder, they were unsure whether or not the cat would be able to climb up it successfully. As a result, they built a tiny one against the downstairs window for practice purposes. The bigger ladder was persuaded onto the smaller one by offering goodies, and Khoyaratty reports that the dog accepted the larger ladder with ease.

They also placed soft rugs at the base of the ladder to prevent any possible collisions with the cat or damage to the cat. The only route for the cat to enter or leave the home is via this ladder at this point. The top of the ladder is secured to the bedroom window with the help of an elastic bungee rope. This whole 7-meter-long ladder was purchased for less than $30.

Watch the video to see how it works:

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To get over the landlord’s prohibitions the man designed and built his own ladder for his cat…
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