Maisey, the cat who is constantly embarrassed with no reason at all…

Cats and especially cat videos are over-popular on the internet. Legends such as the Grumpy Cat may have passed away, but their memories will live on in our hearts forever. We are certain that new cats will take the place of legends, and it is possible that it will all begin with Maisey the cat.

But, when was the last time you met a cat that was continuously embarrassed? We’ve seen grumpy cats, aggressive cats, and even joyful cats. But Maisey, this adorable Scottish Fold cat seems to be doing something wrong all of the time, yet ​she’s a complete sweetheart. Her large eyes give the wrong impression, and the cat quickly became the talk of the Internet when her mother shared a picture of her on Facebook.

Maisey now resides in California with her mother. Photos of her bulging eyes went viral on the Internet lately, and she has since become something of an Internet celebrity. You have to admit that she is quite the looker. We are certain that Maisey will win if her photos are compared to those of any other Scottish Fold.

View the photos of this adorable and embarrassed cat, but be cautious – they may cause your heart to melt almost immediately!




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Maisey, the cat who is constantly embarrassed with no reason at all…
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